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Nope! The only thing you need to bring with you is some form of a government ID and a credit card.
Drivers have to be at least 18 years old while passengers can be any age.
Yes, all safety equipment that is required by the Coast Guard is on board with you. We have life jackets from infant to large adult.
10am till 30min before sunset. Earlier times may be available by calling 813-641- 4612

The only restriction that we have is that you refrain from going into the port areas and shipping channels. Other than that, you are welcome to travel up the Hillsborough River or even out toward Hillsborough Bay as long as you stay within 500 yards of Davis Islands.

Probably not, but maybe. While we would love to guarantee your dryness on one of our fine vessels, truth be told, you are very close to the water and things such as waves from other boats and/or sea spray may get you a little wet depending on the weather.

This depends on weight. The 9.9HP mini powerboat rentals will go a max of 14mph with one person under 200 lbs. Two people or weights over 200lbs the boat will go up to 10mph.

Yes! As long as it isn’t too messy or alcoholic, go for it.

Walk-ups are always welcome, however, to guarantee that we will have a romantic boat rental available for you, it is best to book online by clicking on the calendar on the home page.

Sorry, no. Please stay in the boat at all times.
No, you are only allowed to enter and exit the boat from our launch area at te Tampa Convention Center for your safety.

The Riverwalk Boating Company is located on The Tampa Riverwalk at the Tampa Convention Center Docks. There is convenient parking all around the convention center including metered parking right at the docks! However, space may be limited due to volume and special events. Other options include street parking anywhere in the city and parking garages (closest parking garage is on the corner of Florida Ave. and Channelside Dr.). For more information about parking, please visit the City of Tampa Parking Division website.