About Us

A Message from the Admiral of the Green Fleet:

Ahoy adventurers! Thank you for your interest in the Riverwalk Boating Company. The idea for RBC came one day when I was driving on Bayshore Blvd., looking out towards Hillsborough Bay, when I realized something. As much as I love to be out on the water and exploring, I never had a chance to explore Tampa's waterways. As a Tampa Bay native, I could not let this stand. So I set out on a mission to find something that was affordable and fun to go out on the water.....for myself. It wasn't until I started thinking about my childhood trips to Disney World that my idea grew. I use to beg my parents into letting me rent one of the little mini-powerboats that were out at the resorts for a ride around on the lakes. At that moment, lightning struck! I was going to bring a little piece of Disney to Downtown Tampa for others to experience, emulating the same attention to quality and enjoyment that they provide.

So while I was originally looking for something just for myself to cruise around the waterways of Tampa, I instead created Riverwalk Boating Company with one thing in mind, YOU! At RBC we want to share with you all that Tampa has to offer but in an entertaining, affordable, and high quality manner. We can't wait to give you an experience that you won't forget.

See you at the docks,
Jason R. Olewinski, Owner/General Manager